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Entrepreneurship is not a city but takes a lifetime to catch the

Known as early as possible, should start as early as possible, this time we are all a hurry. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, according to a survey conducted in 2003, the Hong Kong young people aged 18 to 24 business rate of more than 30% higher than our overall business out of 10 times. Line with the trend seen young men. Well-known difficulties, business ...... writer Eileen Chang a famous saying: known to be early. If the late, famous, happy but also discounted.
Known as early as possible, should start as early as possible, this time we are all a hurry. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, according to a survey conducted in 2003, the Hong Kong young people aged 18 to 24 business rate of more than 30% higher than our overall business out of 10 times. Line with the trend seen young men.
Well-known difficulties, entrepreneurship is difficult, in some sense, the entrepreneur may be more difficult, because it is not a man can do, not one stroke can be successful.
In many people's minds, entrepreneurs are the same as the year Mr Liu brothers, the hands of only a thousand dollars, and then like magic a long to the current N-billion. "From scratch" is really a model of entrepreneurship, but only one, that era has always been a poor and white era, a matter of course from scratch.
Now the social market economy has gradually matured, the relative concentration of wealth has been, business competition is increasingly fierce, and then cross the river by feeling the stones, the risk of choking on the big water. Entrepreneurship is no longer a blind move.
"Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, male fear of the wrong line" - to select the most suitable for their own saying: "Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, male fear of the wrong line." Marriage is a person's marriage is, especially for old women, married and the day is to decide the fate of her life one day, into the world of men for the industry's choice as well.
Old martial arts myself, whom you worship as long as the life-long to his disciples, all of life and death to him. Artisans will also study with a teacher very seriously, a day as a teacher, father for life, from the beginning of odd jobs, to the last apprenticeship, can be considered arduous. General also single-mindedness, and rarely diverted, and thus the fate of a craftsman rise and fall of the absolute and industry are closely related. Over the years Uggs Australia have produced a wide range of beautiful and comfortable boots. The most recent one to hit the market is the cheap cardy uggs which was not due to be released until Spring 2008. But this one is somewhat different from the more traditional styles of boots that ugg boots uk have produced before.
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Knowledge must be learning a lot of time and effort, but life does not allow you often diverted. So the beginning is important to choose an entry point for the cause, although any industry has a chance of success, but not all opportunities are for you, and only select the most suitable, and be accepted by the community's goals, success was more assured .
To "P & G" to the North to go to school to work as - through the media is a resource once commented that, in addition to other GE, Procter & Gamble is another CEO and vocational training school managers. The past decade, term and term of the outstanding college graduates are flocking to the Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble is recruiting Chinese students every year about 150 people, and every year from the "P & G empire" out to people who are 50 or so.
To first-class enterprises, not only to first-class salary, but also to learn first-class skill, to Procter & Gamble to work, as if to the North to go to school, have the same meaning.
Management scientists Drucker said: "Those who do not experience the typical small business, and no training. In fact, the most successful young entrepreneurs are working in large organizations than 5 to 8 years of people ... ... strong ability to Before you create a business in 5 to 10 years of management experience gained. If you do not, you will make mistakes on some basic issues. "
Experience is a resource out of business from large companies who have an "age of assets", they have accumulated in his career of environmental advantages, respected professional reputation, economic freedom and industry " insider "status.
Venture not catch the early city was already possible to pick up a bargain. Perhaps the greatest advantage of starting early and that allows you to more mistakes, fell still have time to get up. But from another point of thinking, since fall is inevitable, why not other people's business go down a few times more than it? To wrestle down this fall, and later to go smoother. After all, is a lifelong venture.
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Amplification curve of Chinese shoes into the EU legal risks

Rudy will say that the Chinese are only two words: "Thank you" and "hello", but this does not prevent him mastery of the China-EU trade affairs.

Belgian Rudy has served in the European Commission Trade Division of eleven years. As a lawyer, his expertise is related to anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures in the EC legislation. EU anti-dumping rules he is one of the drafters. As the EU Ombudsman, he participated in a number of investigations against Chinese anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases.

In his view, many Chinese shoe, or skip around the way anti-dumping measures the EU is not good, because they do not really grasp the principles of the EU anti-dumping.

Yield, large market, "China" has always been a little tree attracts the wind. But this is not the EU understand the rules is all.

"Played rough"

"As the EU's shoe exports of Macao, China has risen dramatically, the European Commission has now sent officials to the field investigation." Held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province recent EU anti-dumping review training session, in the face of hundreds of shoe-making enterprises in Quanzhou person in charge of foreign trade, Lu Di first reminds us.

"China's Hong Kong, Macau or neighbors footwear export growth, EU both in their industry or government, have not given up the attention." He said. Available data, including the European Union: in 2005 Indonesia exported 25 million pairs of shoes in 2007, this number tripled after; more data changes in Macao, China, 2005 is 250 million pairs in 2007 forecast is 21 million pairs; In addition, Malaysia and the Philippines also appears the case of footwear exports surge. Rudy said that China exports to the EU neighboring countries and regions has greatly increased the shoes, the EU can not turn a blind eye. "Obviously, in order to circumvent the EU's high tax rates, the Chinese enterprises have already taken measures to cope, one of the 'smart way', including a third country or third change to export."

In Rudy's eyes, another modus operandi of Chinese enterprises is to cut prices to absorb the anti-dumping duties. For example, in accordance with the EU ruling, the original 10 euros a pair of shoes, footwear importers should pay 2 euros for each pair of shoes anti-dumping duties, this way, the EU importers who import costs reached 12 euros a pair. However, some Chinese enterprises to make the importer agreed to purchase, agree the price down to 8.3 euros / double, price cuts were imposed after the importers anti-dumping duty of 20% to 8.3 euros, or about 1.7 euros, so that its import price is still € 10 a pair. This approach is more sensitive for the EU. Because Europe's mission is to enhance the anti-dumping price.

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"In fact, these anti-dumping measures to bypass and skip the way is not good, because companies use these methods did not really grasp the EU's anti-dumping rules." Rudy said. EU legislation already in these acts of preparation, "in fact, they have launched an investigation program to determine whether there is absorption and avoidance behavior, this way, the absorption and those of Chinese companies is likely to avoid the next round of the retrial was higher anti-dumping duties imposed.

EU anti-dumping measures if the investigation within two years after entry into force of the Chinese enterprises to absorb the behavior of anti-absorption investigation started. If the decline in export prices of Chinese enterprises, the import price of products sold in the EU have not changed enough or have no change, then the handle fell into the hands of the European Union.

Bypass the third country (to) "a borrowed boat," or lower prices will only lead to greater exports of trouble, "Chinese enterprises in order to avoid being anti-circumvention and anti-absorption investigation, the real effective means is: reasonable to avoid such arrangements by TNCs , or in a third country production, a real change in product origin. "

Kind of money "trick"

"The market economy status, EU anti-dumping is a means to achieve the purpose, is a profitable 'trick'." This is a local entrepreneur's understanding of Quanzhou.

Since last October 7th EU ruling on China's export of leather products for 2 years imposed anti-dumping duty of 16.5% since the company has been for the rich bird to avoid punitive measures that deal. Because according to international practice, the anti-dumping duties collected 1 year after the midterm review of the relevant business requirements can be made. But for the review of the effect is not so optimistic about the rich bird.

"The whole world knows that the footwear industry is labor-intensive industry, and now the big trend in the global division of labor must go to the footwear industry and cheap labor and more countries and regions, no conservation measures can change this trend. This The EU also know. Now that can have more taxes, why not? earn money from day to day. "bird's overseas wealth manager Liao Haijun that the EU increase its imports of shoes, the trend rate will be the long term.

Back in April, Liao Haijun had an appeal to be responsible for drafting the application, but the European lawyers to tell them, through the review almost no hope of tax cuts, because the EU objective of filing anti-dumping investigation is to protect their own industries, another purpose raise prices, raise taxes, put money into their pockets.

However, Liao Haijun said the EU will not give up the fight to give market economy status of individual enterprises. Last October, the EU anti-dumping ruling Chinese shoes, in addition to rates of 16.5% obtained more than 160 companies, as well as a 9.7% Guangdong enterprises to obtain individual tax rates. This round of EU anti-dumping cases, involving 48 enterprises in Quanzhou, involving more than 25 million U.S. dollars, rich bird bear the brunt.

In Fujian, rich bird group is the most well-known shoe companies. Last year, the company's turnover is 40% contribution to the Russian market, while exports to the EU of more than 1,000 million euros, accounting for nearly 10% of total sales. "If the EU imposed anti-dumping duty of 16.5%, we would be very difficult, but you really want to go on long-term implementation, our customers will have the half of Europe could slip away." Liao Haijun birds rely heavily on foreign trade is rich talent, he is Singaporean, has worked in Singapore, Australia and Spain, Italian leather business office. He believes that if this situation continues, European customers will be worn down, because the current situation is that those who are still hopeful that European customers for the Chinese enterprises to take the anti-dumping losses. "We are better able to accept the anti-dumping duty is still below 5%. All European customers are waiting and watching, waiting for the negotiations the two sides to increase efforts."

Legal risk is higher the

Over the years, exports to the EU footwear industry has been the strength of Quanzhou Hengtai proof, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries are light and casual shoes and dress shoes of its major exporting countries. As a "going out" step, the company has plants in Macao SAR.

"Our factory is located in the Macao Special Administrative Region is now closed, and re-export without the Macao SAR." Hengtai Su Wenbin, general manager, said. He did not think through the Macao Special Administrative Region through the shoes to be sold in the EU is to avoid behavior. From the point of view of national interests, the EU unilaterally against the WTO spirit of these motions, the question now is, Quanzhou enterprises should draw lessons in the struggle, or loss will sharpen large.
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More and more opponents. The average price of around 10 euros, Fujian shoes in the EU market has been open. Since 2005, the EU each year are sold to over 200 million pairs of shoes. In the shoe trade, Spain, Italy and other European footwear production has been living in disadvantaged countries. By last year, an increase of the opponent's weight, producing shoes, Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union. Last year, through anti-dumping ruling against Chinese shoes vote States is 25 now, when the "expiry review" the arrival of the country has become a vote of 27.

Footwear production in the country to the European Commission imposed apparently growing influence. Early June of this year, the European Union Chemical Industry Association and the European Union, the cotton industry trade organization of 10 joint letter to European Commission President, to urge the Commission to reverse a very long period of time the situation of trade measures used with caution in the hope that the European Commission to increase the use of trade measures the extent and intensity.

"Two-year EU anti-dumping tax, the Chinese shoe manufacturers will be greatly affected, and now, China's leather shoes exports to the EU continued to decline, the brand reduced the export competitiveness of enterprises, and reduced orders, give up some small and medium enterprises exports to the EU, many companies look for the channel transfer to other countries. "Footwear China Leather Association, director of the Office Wei Yafei said.

However, as Rudy said, the EU already possesses a number of absorption rates and prices of Chinese enterprises "by boat to the sea" approach, and this has also to do this is bound to make the EU imposed a higher corporate tax rate.

Last year deal with the anti-dumping more than 40 enterprises in Quanzhou, must now redouble their efforts, because more and more fierce opponent's moves. Rudy said that the opportunity is there, offered to accept the review investigation have the potential to gain market economy status, and may receive a lower tax rate. But did not achieve market economy status of enterprises will be possible to obtain a higher tax rate. If granted market economy status to obtain a 10% corporate tax rate, and no market economy status will receive a 30% corporate tax rate.

"Of course, this way, Chinese enterprises will pull between the tax rate level, Chinese enterprises will have competition." Rudy said.

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Clothes offer huge shoes pride

A careful planning through August

August is the off-season department store industry, Southview Shoes City is one of the busy scene. Nanyuan Shoes City ushered in a crucial moment: In order to better serve the consumer, as a unit of Ningbo Footwear Chamber of Commerce, Southview Shoes City carefully build a new image, and further lead the development of new industry trends. The decoration on the shoe store's image and business climate to create a comprehensive adjustment, will fight the Ningbo Nanyuan Shoes City's most fashionable footwear comprehensive professional shops.
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Museum of fashion shoes in ensuring the floor as the main floor, while men's increased popularity of the second floor hall, leisure and sports hall floor to adjust the brand, the introduction of several well-known brands more competitive and optimize brand structure, improve the layout of goods on display, not only in appearance, more humane stand point of shopping for our customers to create a more comfortable shopping environment, and actively guide Yongcheng toward fashion footwear shopping centers, comfortable direction.

September new look huge B offering gestation for a long time

Nanyuan Shoes City, after a month of careful renovation, will bring warmth to your side. Sept. 1, first floor newly opened Museum of fashion shoes. Brand fashion showroom, comfortable shopping corridors, warm lighting and ceiling decoration, new look. Fashion Shoes City will attract more people of all ages, and old customers will have greater choice, retaining the original has been well received by many popular brands, shoe city have also introduced a new look after a number of best-selling brand at home and abroad : on the first floor hall Milanshengdi fashion shoes and Lu Xuan, on the second floor hall of the rich men's popular bird, Bin slaves, rich collar, Dances with Wolves, the third floor hall of the special steps recreational sports, Olympic, Disto Nepal and so on.

C family forever, the same strain

Clothes Shoes City Nanyuan opened new and old customers will send a series of preferential surprise gift, whether you are an old family card members, is the first time to fashion shopping shoes city "shopping," family, as well as many kinds of styles offers a variety of ways to find love always makes you, enjoy the unexpected benefits.
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September 8th will be a grand launch of South Garden Shoes City "Family forever, the same strain," 08 new family card issuing ceremony, now have the opportunity to pre-empt the family registered as a member of shoes city, enjoy the extraordinary members of the treatment, until September 6 reached the top 5 family day card booking hotline customers can receive a 08 version for free family card. Friends of a family card after card can participate in family activities, special discounts, and access card with family members sent gifts and birthday gift membership to enjoy the credit, and Shoes City image representative will meet, to let you experience the unlimited fashion shopping fun.

Autumn shoes new listing this week, the first floor of the new Museum of Fashion 8.5 discount shoes, men's fashion museum rich bird, second floor, guests slaves, Dances with Wolves opened a new counter offer of 6.8 fold, the third floor of leisure shoes sports hall 7 discount, to participate in Michael Jordan brand, sub ceremony was, Playboy, Apple, 361 degrees, Kinglake, Xidelong and so on.

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Fourth China International Footwear Fair be held soon

Fourth China International Footwear Fair will be held October 8 to October 10 in Beijing, China World Trade Center was carried out, the show was approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce Trade Development Division, China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce China World Trade Center Co., Ltd., the Beijing Times Heavenly Exhibition Limited. As the only organized by the national government-led national professional footwear exhibition held in Beijing three consecutive China International Footwear Fair has become an international shoe-profile event, naturally, a professional buyers from around the world understand the Chinese market , selection of quality products, find partners, the platform of choice.
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China International Footwear Fair excellent business results that many companies had a productive session, so next year, domestic and foreign manufacturers regard the important activities as the annual exposition. The show exhibitors, as always, dominated by foreign companies, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, the joint development of the three companies will continue to build on the last session to expand its exhibition scale, while Brazil will be the first delegation. Meanwhile, China has become a shoe designer Another important part of the show. Many high-profile domestic and international famous brand exhibition will also bring a large number of domestic enterprises and trade cooperation and seek opportunities to learn from, and this is the shoe fit Fair "approach to China, to the world" theme.

Fair as the biggest highlight of the fourth one shoes, fashion shoes, show schedule will once again be staged in the Forbidden City side door, different from ordinary shoes and fashion show, conference, show the shoes, shoes, and China will be world famous brand shoes, appeared side by side . This ancient tower in the end of the shoes on show will give Chinese companies a shoe on the same stage with world famous show, dance romantic opportunities. This will undoubtedly be a world leader in footwear and cultural trends, promote the brand and design the best platform. Chinese Name SHOES show, the Italian National Fashion Shoes and other footwear show will show the majority of the audience in a gluttonous feast of fashion and trends. Will surely attract the fashion industry from around the world and China, the industry's great concern.

Meanwhile, the last great response caused the industry at home and abroad • World Shoes Forum in Beijing, as the domestic shoe industry development of the road, foreign enterprises to introduce advanced branding concepts, domestic and foreign industry dialogue on equal footing, seek win-win cooperation, a platform This year, during the exhibition will be held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. "2007 World Shoe Forum Beijing • EU footwear industry leaders 10 +10 dialogue" that will form in the new industries and international trade context, the Chinese shoe footwear industry and the world to make new analysis and prediction thinking is bound to arouse the wisdom of a feast. Will be issued during the forum: "The world Footwear International Contribution Award", "China's shoe style figures Award" two awards.
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Shoe show in the side door and the World Shoe forums, "I love Italian shoes" cooperation project, the world's footwear fashion trends 2007/2008 published name shoes in China Award for publishing a series of activities will be held during the expo. With a range of professional and full of strong fashion colors, after three years after the baptism of the Fourth China International Footwear Fair, will also create opportunities to bring about a new brand of culture and fashion trends.

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One of the most simple business story

More frequent the forums, especially the business forum, a day to see so many friends who posts about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurship. People who want to start feeling really more, but what business concept? Business and need those conditions? If there is a business opportunity in front of you whether you are willing to do it? In other words, are you willing to start from the simplest of things it? Business really so complicated?
In fact, as we eat rice every day, as entrepreneurial opportunities around us every day, the emergence of entrepreneurship in fact, is not quite so complicated.
Around the very simple to write a story to share with you is: I live downstairs, a young man, unemployed for a long time, because we play with every day in the downstairs got to know the reasons, he complained to me every day, not looking for work, like his boss out. I asked him: Do you have enough capital? He embarrassed to say that I am not even next month's rent are a problem. I'm a little surprised that money, how you work? Asked him what do you want to start a business? How big is your goal? He said I do not want to go to work anyway, but I now have no money, do not know how to do? I said there is a very simple way to make you the boss: I live is a three-building of the district, which is a local cover, designed to rent each room for 200 card installed Tel. I said, you used to be a calling card of this line, then you should be familiar with purchase cards are 200 channels and the purchase price, right? 6 off the purchase price of 200 cards, 8-9 out of selling off the taxi, you came into the group of cards, sold off by 7 households here. Nominal value of 30 yuan a card, the purchase price of 18 yuan, 21 yuan to sell, earn 3 yuan each, a total of 150 here, according to one card per household per month to use the meter, if you can fully occupied here market, you can earn 450 per month. You can use your previous work in the company's colleagues and friends, let them support you, you can purchase small quantities, so you do not have a lot of money to start this business was. Then you print a number of leaflets, where most of your household know, there are many still very familiar with the outside off than the price of your cheap, you can also home delivery, they have no reason not to buy your card, right? Herve Leger dress is the new design of dresses. We will sell over the Internet the different styles. Herve Leger have a strong sense of art, imagination, such as the mixing different clothes, like retro, this unique style of Herve Leger.
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One day he and I teach at home in my neighborhood supermarket Yi, held that there is limited time special pricing, cantaloupe 1 yuan / 500G, early pear 0.99/500G. I said, you have not noticed the retail markets of the Harry Potter selling melons 2.5-3 / kg, early pear sell 2-2.5 / kg, did you see our people get hold of scooters in the intersection often sell fruit ( This person called away cantonensis ghosts), if you can buy these special back downstairs intersection of fruit 2 yuan and 1.8 in accordance with the retail price to sell (market value of 2.5 and 2.2 million), in the price can beat the other opponents immediately and you do not risk Yahuo, can immediately sell? You do not have to pay the freight. Around the home Yi, Lotus, Trust-Mart three supermarkets, they basically will have a sale every day activities, you have gathered them these messages, when you can walk to a lot of buying on the (supermarket although not limited per person more than 5 pounds but in reality you are nothing more than buy), there are at least 10-20 dollars a day is not revenue? You do not need to do this a lot of money, you can now get not a lot of money. But with the 200 card project above, you immediately have two projects in hand out? You immediately is the entrepreneur, the boss is free, but the risk is not high, basically be starting from scratch, there is at least one thousand dollars per month income, not only rent you worry, there is little profit to the money survive, is your capital accumulation has.
This is two things I was with him when talking about it, I will forget later. So then what? Two months later he called me and said dinner, he was shocked to see: behind him do so, and adhere to two months, the monthly income is not bad. He now has his 200 card business expanded to hang the whole street we live every day made some flyers to those places, where there are many similar houses with 200 cards. He has started to become a piece of the alley to go all the ghosts of the fruit vendors, he earned some money, the head flexible, he went to run wholesale fruit market, because everyone can get familiar ghosts that walk, he is to start We get something wrong there, then go to the wholesale market of fruit purchase orders to avoid the risk of rotting fruit Yahuo so, he stepped on 3 wheelers pull back in the early morning in order to save on shipping. Were invited to prepare a relative open a fruit stall in the markets, not to open his stall inside the market, but in an open place outside the rented piece of land, his hometown in Jiangxi, where the rich fruit, the price and Guangzhou Compared Cha Haoduo times, he borrowed some money and the recent money to pull the vehicle to vehicle Youzai heap, where the low price, sale as quickly as sales. Sold a car once money and then buy the second car the first stock car. He is now in addition to a very low price to go around the house ghost who pulled him from the wholesale to the fruit, the retail profit margins every day so that he can be quite a lot of revenue.
This true story is not over, because not to the end. I believe he could do a great future.
The story did not end, shame I have seen the following questions:
1) he had no money would also like to start, this is simply not possible tasks. Entrepreneurship is the need to some basic conditions. In particular, money is the most important conditions.
2) From the beginning of his talk, I talk about only if these are just, I do not seriously love, but he was careful, and it did it. This shows he is a very real person, not rhetoric, he knew his own weaknesses (money), but with the use of his good message, because I basically do not say what the cost of business. Down to earth, use of information, first off, I think this is the money of the entrepreneur's basic skills.
3) when he was to do 200 card project, to do is to use existing resources - - building every family must live with the thing; are neighbors, easy to build customer relationships; suppliers are former friends, get low support and pressure to reduce inventory. Prior to the start to establish a good personal connections, even before you clean out the company's aunt, never despise everything in your hand, everyone around you; good use of your resources before, the future may bring to unexpected results. Sales start with the familiar people and things around you start.
4) he did when fruit is the use of special opportunity (limited Bargain supermarket) to get the best price and purchase opportunities (to a certain number of wholesale markets need only cost-effective, and there Yahuo risk, no money, he is not realistic), then close to 100% of the gross profit to selling, no inventory pressure. From scratch requires good observation, the simplest thing in the business opportunities found. Also need the opportunity. In fact, sales is a very simple thing, buy low, sell high on it, not quite that complicated. But have your competitive (such as the price is good, exclusive products, etc.), we often are the easy things too complex. Looking for the right product and channel, with the right way to sell the right people on it. Among the key lies in how to integrate the relationships and resources. Christian Louboutin shoes are the shoes stylish women should own. Though the price of Christian Louboutin shoes is a little bit expensive, a pair of Christian Louboutin can accompany you for a long time. Besides, Christian Louboutin shoes are much cheaper if you know how to buy them online.
No matters you are chic women or a girl desire for mature, Christian Louboutin shoes all suit you in summer and winter. Because, Christian Louboutin has many kinds shoes to content your different demands such as Women's Christian Louboutin Boot, Women's Christian Louboutin Pump. Collection with fish head of black colou Christian Louboutin uk shoes,appears to be a minimalist style,a very bright.Eye catching red wine Louboutin high heeled shoes for the simple.A pure black dress,because of crimson colored heels by eye catching publicity.Able waist windbreaker with some traces of the uniform,high heeled shoes with the lace sheepskin boots,walking special.
The high-heeled shoes are the must have items for a stylish lady and we should have many styles so that we can apparel them in different occasions. The christian louboutin are the most imminent stamp in the world and many female stars are the christian louboutian lovers. The christian louboutin sale were made from the finest leather which not only have a faint finger but also give your feet the most comfortable hunch.Christian Louboutin shoes are designed for women who crave for fashion.
Without proper conditioning and care,leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart,and you'll no longer want to wear them out of the house even if they did cost a small fortune.
Whether you want to find trend shoes out for dating or leisure shoes for entertaining activities, Christian Louboutin Pump on sale can satisfy you.Nobody can ignore the existence of Christian Louboutin shoes in the fashion world. The well-known red outsole and high heel both shaped the distinctive features of Christian Louboutin. When you see a red outsole you can definitely figure it out and say that is the Christian Louboutin shoes. Red outsole has become the logo since it appeared. However, you can never forget the beauty that the Christian Louboutin shoes bring to you. In Europe and America, a great number of stars chase the fever of Christian Louboutin.

5) he is stabilized, begin to think of ways to expand (by a retail shift wholesale) training client resources (all of the walking ghosts getting goods to him), think of ways to control costs (their own back up the goods in person) to improve the price competitiveness ; think of ways to make their own pathway (rapid sales in rented premises) directly to end customers, to reduce intermediate links to earn more profits. Smart entrepreneurs applicants will be robust in the industry constantly looking for bigger opportunities in the process, he will start his own slowly cultivating industry resources, and use a variety of differences to seek profit opportunities. Entrepreneurs do post their own industry. If you do not know his own trades, put it did not sound good to you 100 million, you may not know where you should put money into investments. Specialty is the essence of success. I know this young man is a lot of friends, but also one of my favorite, he has not had much, his initial goal is simply to 1,000 dollars a month in the bank, and then he do not want to go to work, want to be free to do. Then, he finally achieved his goal.
Although many of our friends may be a bit bothered that no level of the bottom level of entrepreneurial way, we Hansha enemies in it all day, and he has a simple way to quickly complete his dream. Yuan Mu and its clinical fish as retreat webs. Sharpen your hooks, digging more than a few earthworms, down in the sun, silently working. What do you think?

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